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Cub Scout Pack 89
(Kennett, Missouri)
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$50 Military Donation
$30 Military Donation
$60 Chocolate Lover's
$40 Sweet & Savory
$30 Cheese Lover's
$25 Choc. Caramel Crunch
$25 White Chocolatey Pretzels
$25 Kettle Corn 18PK
$20 Unbelievable Butter 18PK
$20 Butter Light 18PK
$20 Caramel Corn with Nuts
$20 Chocolatey Triple Delight
$15 Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese
$15 White Cheddar Chz.
$10  Caramel Corn
$10  Popping Corn

Goals and Objectives:
  • To ensure financial stability for Pack 89
  • To get 100% participation from all Scouts
  • To educate and inform parents/guardians of the financial investment spent on each scout per year - providing greater understanding of the importance of popcorn sales as it relates to their scout.
  • To sell 10% more popcorn than last year
  • To have all Scout sell at least $100 of popcorn
  • To maximize Sales, Fun, and Safety for all scouts!
  • Popcorn will be distributed at First United Methodist Church.  
  • We will have all popcorn at First United Methodist Church on a date to be announced at a later date.
  • Scout Parents will come to church at a specified time per den and pick up his popcorn.
  • All popcorn will be picked up by parents and signed off by Leader and parent at that night.
Accountability of Product
  • Den Leaders will be provided with receipts and/or forms for distribution.
  • Den leaders will receive signature of parent/guardian for all popcorn distributed.
Money Due
  • Money is Due October    
  • All parents must bring money to First United Methodist Church from 5:30 pm-8:00 pm
Popcorn Perks
  • Authorized Council or Den activity.
  • Pays for Scout signups by selling $150 of popcorn
  • Boys Life Magazine
  • All patches and membership are free for the scout year.
  • Family Camp
  • and more.
Bonus Prices
  • Also Scouts earn other prices that are on order form
  • Allen Roberts -Cubmaster-     573-717-0473 cell or
  • Jobeth Roberts -Asst. Cub-    573-344-0769 cell