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Joining Pack 125

Almost all other youth activities are drop-off activities: you drop your child off, and pick your child up later. Sometimes, you get to watch what your child does. Cub Scouts is different: you build memories with your child, through lots of fun, hands-on activities. Cub Scouting is family-based, so siblings, grandparents, cousins, and others are all welcome. Typically, a parent or guardian attends den meetings with the Scout, while the whole family is welcome at pack meetings, excursions, hikes, and campouts.

Cub Scouts offers a fun and safe environment for youth to learn and grow. Cub Scouting is based on good morals and values, as shown in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Cub Scouts learn important life skills that help them be successful in school; these same skills help them be successful as adults. Through it all, Cub Scouting is fun—just about every boy loves to go hiking and camping, and we do lots of other activities, too, such as games, songs, carnivals, the Pinewood Derby, and making things.

If you are interested in joining Pack 125, please come see what we do at a pack meeting. We meet 
as a pack once a month in the Robert Down School cafeteria, in the early evening on the fourth Thursday. We have special meetings on the weekend in December, January, and February, so there are no Thursday pack meetings during those months. (We don't meet in June or July.) Please contact us via email ( for times & details.

An application to join Cub Scouts can be found below in the attachments section, or you may get one at a pack meeting.

[In the picture: Cub Scouts and their leaders posing for a silly picture after a successful food drive]

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Location of Pack Meetings

Our pack's regular meeting place is the cafeteria of Robert Down Elementary School.

485 Pine Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA

We meet on the fourth Thursday of the month August through November (third Thursday if the regular meeting would fall on a holiday); we also meet on the fourth Thursday March through May. We have special meetings in December (caroling & Christmas party, Friday), January (Pinewood Derby, Sunday), and February (Blue & Gold Banquet, Sunday). 

Which group is appropriate for my child?

Cub Scouts are separated into groups by grade; these groups are called dens. Sometimes, we have more than one den per grade group. Cub Scouts engage in age-appropriate activities with their dens.

Lion: Must be kindergarten-aged or in the year before first grade, or be age 5. A parent or guardian must be with a Lion at all times.

Tiger: For first graders (or those age 7). A parent or guardian must be with a Tiger at all times.

Wolf: For second graders (or those age 8.) Wolves and above may attend activities without their parents or guardians, as long as Youth Protection guidelines are followed, and leaders approve. 

Bear: For third graders (or those age 9). 

Webelos: For fourth and fifth graders. Must be age 10 but not yet 11 1/2.

(If your child's age does not match his grade, please talk with us. We can work together to figure out the best solution.)

Dens come together for meetings and activities. Dens usually meet once per month, but may meet more or less often—whatever works best for the families involved. Some activities are for one den; some are for certain dens; and some are for the whole pack. We try to be as inclusive as possible.

We also have monthly pack meetings where all the dens gather at the same time. We do lots of fun things at pack meetings, and that's also where Cub Scouts are presented with the awards they earn.

[In the picture: a color guard consisting of (from left) a second-year Webelos, working on his Arrow of Light; a Wolf; and two first-year Webelos Scouts.]