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Boy Scout Troop 284
(Copiague, New York)
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The Eagle Scout

The Eagle Scout Award.  It’s Scouting’s highest rank and among its most familiar icons.

Currently, around 4 of every 100 scouts that joins the Boy Scouts make Eagle. 

Those who have earned it count it among their most treasured possessions.  Those who missed it by a whisker remember exactly which requirement they didn’t complete.  Americans from all walks of life know that being an Eagle Scout is a great honor, even if they don’t know just what the badge means.

The award is more than a badge.  It’s a state of being.  You are an Eagle Scout—never wereThe important thing to realize is that once a Scout earns Eagle Rank, he beings the lifelong process of becoming an Eagle Scout.  You may have received the badge as a youth, but you earn it every day as an adult.  In the words of the Eagle Scout Promise, you do your best each day to make your training and example,  your rank and your influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in your troop, in your community, and in your contacts with other people. 

And to this you pledge your sacred honor. 

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Some Famous Eagle Scouts

·Arthur Eldred - First Eagle Scout from Oceanside, NY Troop 1

·Gerald Ford - U.S. President (1st Eagle to be President)

·Neil Armstrong - astronaut, first man on moon

·Steven Spielberg - Movie producer (Made a movie of his troop whilegetting Photography MB.  Helped to design requirements for thecinematography MB.

·Mike Rowe - Star of "Dirty Jobs"

·Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of New York City, founder of BloombergNews

·Bill Bradley - Pro basketball star and U.S. Senator from NJ

·Sam Walton - Founder, Wal-Mart 

·James Brady - Press Secretary to President Reagan

·Stephen Breyer - US Supreme Court Justice

·William Sessions - FBI director

·John Tesh - Pianist, radio and TV celebrity

·William Devries - M.D., transplanted first artificial heart

·Michael Dukakis - Governor of Massachusetts, presidentialcandidate

·Steven Fossett - Flew solo nonstop around the world in a hot airballoon and in an ultralight airplane, won the Chicago to Mackinaw boat races,competed in the Iditarod dog race, and competed in several iron man triathlons

·H. Ross Perot - Self-made billionaire and presidential candidate

·Steve Holcomb - Olympic Gold Medal winner (4 man bobsled)

·Michael Kahn - stage director, Oscar winning film editor

·Dr. Alfred Kinsey - insect biologist, human behavior researcher

·John Koncak - basketball player

·Albert Belle – Major League Baseball player

·Sheldon Leonard - actor, director, producer, 3-time Emmy awardwinner

·James Lovell - Navy pilot and astronaut, President of NationalEagle Scout Association. Flew on Gemini 7, 12 & Apollo 8, 13 At one timehad seen more sunrises than any other human being

·CDR William McCool, USN - Astronaut, Pilot of U.S. Space ShuttleColumbia

·Michael Moore - Author and filmmaker, Oscar nominee

·Jim Mora - NFL football coach

·Oswald "Ozzie" Nelson - actor

·Frederick Reines - Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·Gary Rogers - Chairman and CEO of Dreyer's Ice Cream

·Jim Rogers - CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA)

·Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense

·Dr. Benjamin Lewis Salomon - WWII Army front line surgeon &Medal of Honor recipient

·...and all of our Eagle Scouts from Troop 284!