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Suggested Packing List

See attachment and Lessons Learned below.

* Bring Mesh Bag to hang mess kit to dry
* Solar Battery Pack recommendation from Mr. Youtz (
Icon File Name Comment  
Jamboree Packing List v5.pdf Updated Suggested Jamboree Packing List  
MY-BACKPACK-FOR-THE-DAY.pdf US Contigent message on what to carry each day (supplement to Suggested Packing List)  
USA-Contingent-Uniform-Policy-June-2019.pdf Rules on what you should and can't wear  


Per Newsletter #4:
Be sure to check your mailbox in early spring because you will be receiving your first piece of SWAG (Stuff We All Get) with your next letter from the CMT!
You’ll be receiving one of the official round USA Contingent emblems to wear on your field uniform (right shirt pocket) along with some other info.
Later in the spring, all participants & IST will be receiving
  * Nametag (1),
  * Luggage tags (2),
  * another USA Contingent emblem,
  * Neckerchiefs (3), 
  * Jamboree Shoulder patches (JSP) from their region (4),
  * an Osprey 115L Transporter duffle bag 
  * an Osprey Hikelite daypack as their "SWAG Bag"
All this SWAG comes as part of your registration fee! There will be a chance for attendees to purchase more of some of these items, as well as lots of other cool WSJ items from BSA’s WSJ2019 online catalog link when it’s sent out next spring. Some of the items available for purchase will include a variety of shirt styles and colors, belts and buckles, hats and caps, mugs, coins and medallions, small duffles, additional neckers, slides, Nalgene bottles, camelback hydration units, and stickers. Be sure to stock up so you can leave a few souvenirs at home and have a few extras to trade with all of the new scout friends you'll make from the globe!

(Note: See "World Jambo Links" for info to World Jambo shop.  -Mr Youtz)





Lessons Learned

* If you can, bring a second uniform
* Cotton kills. Avoid cotton clothing as much as possible.
* Go to the Scout Shop and get some discounted patches for trading. (Ask if you can't find them. Bring 20 or so.)
* If you can, pack everything that you need for a day in a 3.5 gallon zip lock. Take your clean clothes out, toss your dirty clothes in. Squeeze out the air and seal.