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Who is Pack 290

BSA Pack 290 is the Cub Scout Pack chartered by St. Cecilia Church in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The Pack serves youth from Kindergarten through 5th grades and their families. Its mission is to promote the overall aims of Scouting, namely, to develop character, train in good citizenship and encourage fitness -
physically, mentally and morally.

This is accomplished by providing age appropriate activities presented in a FUN way. Plenty of opportunity for achievement and advancement is available; however, since Cub Scouting is considered a family program, primary responsibility for completion of all requirements is that of the parent/guardian.

The Cub Scout Motto is "Do Your Best."

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Study-Cub Scouting Enhances Character Development

The Cradle of Liberty Council received a $5 million grant dedicated to the study and development of the Cub Scouting Program of the Boy Scouts of America.  The Tufts University Research Study, Character and Merit Project (CAMP) is a longitudinal study focused on measuring the affects of the Cub Scout Program on a boy's character.  Pack 290 was chosen to participate in the study and over 40 Cub Scouts from the Pack completed about 5 surveys over 3 years. The study found that the Cub Scout Program DOES significantly impact the development of character in boys who are engaged in the program. Please review the attached Power Point presentation for a summary of the results.

Scouting and Sports. Is it possible to do both?

The answer is "Not only is it possible, it's encouraged."

When prospective Scouts inquire about Cub Scouting, we often hear from their parents, "my son plays (name your sport) and we don't think we have the time for Scouting."  What if Eagle Scout, Shane Victorino's parents said the same thing?  Yes, Shane went on to become a professional baseball player and played some great baseball for our beloved Philadelphia Phillies but he also was able to earn the highest rank in Scouting, Eagle.  He learned to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors throughout his Scouting experiences.  He realized the benefits that the character building and leadership components of the Scouting program provide a young person.  Shane utilized these skills throughout his baseball career to achieve excellence in his sport.  Scouting and Sports FIT.  Scouting and Sports complement one another.

This year, Cub Scout Pack 290 is rolling out a new component to our program:  SCOUTStrong.  This component will help our families enjoy learning about and fulfilling a healthy lifestyle through the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA).  Members will have an easy access to this SCOUTStrong/PALA program and website through the "Members Only" Private portal of this website.  The key to remember is that Physical Fitness is an important component of the Cub Scouting program and SPORTS play a key role in achieving that component for many of our Scouting membership.  MOST of our Cub Scouts play at least one sport and many play more than one sport including baseball, soccer, football, basketball, roller hockey and swimming.

How do our Scout Athletes do both?  Cub Scouting is a FULL year program.  We have formal meetings from September through May.  This year we have AT LEAST 23 Den Meetings.  You DO NOT have to attend ALL 23 meetings; however, attendance is surely a key to a successful and enjoyable experience.  Since the Cub Scout program is a family program, MANY of the achievements and projects are easily doable in the home.  Another KEY is communication.  Let your Den Leader know about your son's athletic commitments and work out what meetings he will be attending (or not) and which activities you can complete with him at home.

Scouting Magazine's Blog address the "scouting v. sports" issue that includes a good YouTube video called Make Time for Scouting.  We encourage you to check out both the blog and video.  Please take some time to read some of the blog feedback.  Some really good points are brought up.

Thank you for considering Cub Scout Pack 290!  We hope to see you at our Open House or stop in at any Thursday night meeting!