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Welcome to Ashville Troop 2221

Permission to Enter Our Site is Granted

Welcome from the Scout Master

Dear Prospective Scout/Parent:


I’d like to introduce Troop 2221of Ashville, PA. If you are an Arrow of Light Cub Scout getting ready to cross the bridge, you are about to make a decision about where you are going in Scouting from here. The reason I’m writing is to tell you a little bit about Troop 2221, and to invite you and your family to come and see us for yourself before you make your decision.

Troop 2221 is a “Boy Run Troop”; this means that the Scouts, not the adults, are the leaders through election of their own, and make their own decisions about how the troop is run. The adults are there to make sure that everything is safe and to provide guidance as necessary; this is very different from Cub Scouts. Our boys learn about camping, leadership, and all of the things that Boy Scouts have been doing since 1910, including becoming a man in the best sense of the word. The Scouts of Troop 2221 do all kinds of activities all year but most of all, they have FUN.  Boy Scouts are for boys grades 6 up to age 18.

We would like to invite you and your family to visit our meetings, which are held every other Monday night at the VFW in Ashville from 6:00-7:30pm. Our Cub Scouts have meetings the opposite Mondays at the same time/place.  Visit with us and then decide if you want to join a troop that will make you proud to be a Boy Scout and learn to grow into a man who lives the Scout Law. We think Troop 2221 would be a good choice!


You may also use the“contact our troop” above for more information about our Troop or to get information about our Cub Scout Pack for Grades 1st-5th 


Yours in Scouting

Mike Pettenati, ScoutMaster