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Boy Scout Troop 594
(Pegram/ South Cheatham, Tennessee)
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Thanks for visiting our Troop Website. Troop 594 was Chartered in 1959. We are a boy led troop. We meet every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at Pegram Church of Christ in Pegram, TN. We invite you to come for a visit, our doors are always open. At least once a month, Troop 594 has an outdoor activity. These activities include, skiing, camping, hiking just to name a few. 

We encourage you and your scout tostop by for a visit. We would love the opportunity to talk with you.

A Boy Led Troop

All troop meetings are chosen and planned by the Scouts. This means that the Scouts make the decisions on troop programs and are responsible for the implementation of those decisions. The adult leadership is there to support the Scout’s efforts, provide guidance as appropriate, and ensure that the safety and well being of the Scouts is not compromised. As a chartered Boy Scout Troop, we adhere to the policies and procedures as set forth by the Boy Scouts of America and our local Boy Scout Council.Upon joining the troop Scouts will be assigned to a Patrol. Patrols generally contain 5-8 Scouts which work as a unit on camp-outs, in skills instruction, and in competition at some events. Patrol members will choose a Patrol Leader every 6 months. The patrol will also elect an Assistant Patrol Leader who serves as Patrol Leader in the Patrol Leader’s absence.The organization of the boy-led troop begins with the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC). The troop selects the Senior Patrol Leader and his Assistant every 6 months. The Senior Patrol Leader then leads recruiting of various leadership positions such as Historian, Scribe, Quartermaster, and Librarian. The PLC is comprised of the Senior Patrol Leader, his Assistant, Patrol Leaders and various other leadership positions. Under the direction of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters, meetings are held to perform more detailed planning of upcoming activities, offer instruction and to deal with general troop business. The Senior Patrol Leaders serves as a liaison with the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee members to ensure that appropriate adult support is available and the policies of Boy Scouts are adhered.

Parent Participation

The assistance of parents is KEY to the success of any Boy Scout troop. The more a parent is involved, the more the Scout is likely to stay involved and advance in rank. Scouting can also provide one of the best ways that parents can stay involved with their son and his friends as the boys reach teenage years.
Parents support the troop by:
                          •   Attending Committee meetings
                          •   Driving and/or participating in outings
                          •   Helping with fund raising activities
                          •   Assisting in planning for activities 
                          •   Serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster
                          •   Serving on the Committee 
                          •   Serving on Boards of Review to assist in rank advancement
                          •   Being a merit badge counselor