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Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.
Welcome to Crew
Fond du Lac WI

We are a High Adventure Crew that will be Backpacking,Canoeing, Caving, Rappelling, Shooting Sports with Tier II and III activities with much much more. Venturing is open to young men and women ages 14-20 that are looking to spend some exciting times in the great outdoors and helping our community in which we live.

Venturing's purpose is to develop a program for young men and women who are 14 years of age or 13 years of age and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

Based on
of the Boy Scouts of America.
Thank you,

Daniel S Rosenthal 
Crew Advisor of 9701

Message from the president


My name is Ean Quarne, I am the president of Crew 9701 and an Eagle Scout. I believe that scouting offers a great opportunity for individuals to grow as a leader, to push your boundaries, and try new and exciting things. Venturing Crew is the next step in scouting and is open to anyone from the age of 14 to 21 years old. Venturing is a scout lead program. As the president, I am responsible for all our activities. All other members help facilitate activities as well. Think of the President as the Scoutmaster/SPL mixed together.

Our Crew offers high adventure: some examples
Zip Lining in the mountains
White Water Rafting
Sleeping in a Light House
Eating new and interesting foods - like chicken hearts and hatch potatoes
Constructing our trailer

My goal as president is to help our members have an enjoyable experience while balancing fun and excitement with rank advancements and service. 

Our Crew learns a lot of skills- physically (outdoor activities, motorsports, camping, etc.), mentally (planning, budgeting, team building, etc.) and giving back to the community (service projects, working events, building birdhouses, mentoring, restoring a lighthouse, etc.).  If you have any interest in joining, please email me at We would love to see you join our Crew - all are welcome! 

Ean Quarne


     Venturing is a way of opening  new opportunities for young men and women. It gives them the chance to develop and lead activities at Outings and functions. They also have the ability to learn how to develop operating budgets and administrate  activities. The crew is ran and implemented by the youth with adult guidance when asked for or needed. In each of the major positions there is an adult contact that they can go to if they run into a problem.
I have had the pleasure of watching 10 year olds develop at Boy Scouts and grow into confident young men who are looking for more of a challenge, wether that means the different awards the boys and girls can earn, to being a mentor to younger Scouts and other youth though Church, Scouting or the Community. Crew members also have so much more to choose from in the outdoors with the activities they choose to do. Dirt Bikes, jet ski's, snow mobiles, hunting and caving. All of those things are for Venture Crews. We would love to welcome your son or daughter to our Crew. Please stop by and see us.

Mr. Dan Rosenthal
Crew Advisor 9701


Meeting Location:

Culvers on East Johnson in Fond Du Lac, WI

Email for dates and times

Open to boys and girls ages 14 to 21

Crew Advisor: Mr. Dan Rosenthal

Assistant Advisor: April Griffis