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Cub Scout Pack 217
(New London, Ohio)
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We are a small pack in New London, OH. We need LOTS of help (adults and youth alike) to get where we want to be.

Our Sponsor Organization is the United Methodist Church in New London.

We are a part of the Lake Erie Council based in Cleveland, OH.

Our Leadership is as follows:

Cubmaster: VACANT
Lion Den Leader: VACANT
Tiger Den Leader: VACANT
Wolf Den Leader: VACANT
Bear Den Leader: VACANT
Webelos/AOL Den Leader: VACANT
Pack Committee Chair: Wendy
Treasurer: Melissa
Fundraising Chair: VACANT
Charter Organization Representative: Josh

As you can see, we have many opportunities for adults to volunteer! Please let us know if you are interested.


Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. Please email Wendy if you'd like a question/answer added!

What is Cub Scouts?
Cub Scouts is an organization for girls and boys in Kindergarten to 5th grades that promotes core values such as Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health & Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility.

Cub Scouts requires parents and other adults to volunteer their time and resources to be successful. Your Cub gains the most when you are also involved.

A Cub Scout Pack is made up of Dens. Dens are made up of boys or girls of all the same age:
Lion Den - Kindergarten
Tiger Den - 1st Graders
Wolf Den - 2nd Graders
Bear Den - 3rd Graders
WEBELOS Den - 4th and 5th Graders

What is the time commitment?
Pack 217 meets a minimum of three times a month (September to May):
  • Pack Meeting (1st Thursday) - this is when all the Dens get together to recognize the accomplishments made over the last month, discuss upcoming events and just have a good time
  • Den Meeting (3rd Thursday) - this is when Dens concentrate on meeting the requirements for rank advancement
  • Pack Outing (days will vary by month) - this can be camping, a hike, the Pinewood Derby or just a trip to the movies together
While Pack and Den meetings are not mandatory, attendance help us ensure that your Cub is on track for advancement to the next rank in May. Generally, none of our event are "drop off" events, but we do understand that life happens. We would rather the Cub attend without a parent, than not at all; so please let your Den Leader know if you (the parent) cannot stay for an event and we will work together to make sure your son can attend.

What do Cub Scouts do?
We play games. We fish. We swim. We go on field trips. We do community service. We sell popcorn. We camp. We race Pinewood Derby cars. We learn magic tricks. We tie knots. We learn healthy eat habits. We earn badges and belt loops. WE HAVE FUN!

What is the cost of being a Cub Scout?
There are two types of costs - registration costs and Pack costs.
  • Registration costs go right to the National Cub Scouts. Those are $2.75/month ($3.75/month if your Cub wants to subscribe to Boy's Life Magazine), plus $1 a year for Insurance.
  • Pack Dues stay with us and are $75 a year. They help cover the cost of outings, awards and recognition and activities (Blue and Gold ceremony, Pinewood Derby, etc.).
HOWEVER - COST SHOULD NEVER BE A FACTOR IF A BOY OR GIRL WANTS TO BE A CUB SCOUT. Please reach out to your Den Leader or Wendy if you are unable to make the payments and we will work something out!